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1.Company may alter and/or stop the contents of this website, or may suspend or discontinue the services of this website without any prior notice in following cases.
※When performing the inspection and/or update of the system regularly or urgently.
※When providing information is difficult in troubles such as power outages.
※Otherwise when judged as difficulty to provide information due to unforeseen circumstances.


1.Company assumes no responsibility for any disadvantage or loss suffered by User or a third party as a result of temporary suspension, posting stop, etc., of this website.

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1.Company shall use personal information for the purposes to provide and improve our products and services in principle.
Company shall utilize the provided personal information only for introduction and offering our products and services and for the answer to question from customer and not use for other purpose.

●Management of personal Information

1.Company shall manage customer’s personal information properly based on Company’s Privacy Policy for the prevention of leakage, falsification, lost and non-purpose use of personal data.

●Disclosure, furnishing to a third party

1.Company shall manage obtained personal information properly and not provide it to a third party without the person’s own consent.
However, Company may disclose personal information with legitimate reasons stipulated by laws and regulations and when public agency forces.

●Amendment of Terms of Use

1.Company may at any time correct or change, revise, update or suspend in part or in whole service of this website without advance notice to user.

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